Things NaijaWife Says – Episode 3: Where Did You Put…?

One of the many joys of marriage is that you begin to see funny patterns in the various conversations you have with your spouse. So, welcome to Episode 3 of the Things NaijaWife Says Series!

Episode 3: Where Did You Put…?

Getting ready for bed…

NaijaWife: “Where did you put my hairnet?!”

NaijaHusband: “What makes you think I moved it?”

NaijaWife: “Because you hate my hairnet and you ALWAYS move my things!”

NaijaHusband: *Reaches over her to pull the hairnet from beside her pillow.”

NaijaWife: “Eh heh. You see? Who told you to put it there?”

The Next Day

NaijaWife:  “Where did you put my keys NH? I thought I told you to stop moving them!

NaijaHusband: “Have you actually tried looking for it?

NaijaWife: “No point. I know you’re the one who moved it so just find it for me.”

NaijaHusband: *Reaches into her purse – pulls key out.*

NaijaWife: “You see? Who sent you to put them in my purse?”

Barely an hour later….

NaijaWife: “NH! Where did you put it? I’m getting so tired of this!”

NaijaHusband: “Where did i put what?”

NaijaWife:  “Don’t pretend you don’t know!  It’s like your spirit won’t allow you to leave my things in peace.  Just bring it out!

NaijaHusband: *Thinks for a minute. Reaches up and pulls her glasses from her hair and hands them to her*

NaijaWife: “You see? And you were pretending not to know! You could have just told me where my glasses were from the beginning.”




Look out for more episodes of Things NaijaWife Says !


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  1. You both just make my day with your fun posts.
    Please post more often……plssssssssssssssssss
    I love your posts

  2. Hahahaha. I guess NW is the exact copy of my own domestically challenged Hubby. I used to fret along with him in the past when he misplaces his things but now I am so immune. The other day, he looked for his car keys while I was leaving for work for almost 45 mins, sweating and vituperating as he searched. It was hilarious and I was hoping for his sake he wasn’t going to ask me to help look for it or that he should drop me off at work while he goes with my own car. Hian! Oh, he found the keys though, in the pocket of the trousers he wore 2 days before, in the laundry bag.

  3. Hahahahaha. It’s my hubby that’s guilty of misplacing EVERYTHING he owns like NW. The only thing he has successfully not misplaced is ME. I end up acting as a nanny everytime putting away stuff because when he starts to search for it, he turns the whole house into a Tsunami aftermath. He has once searched for his car keys for 45 mins. I tried not to move an inch from where I was but it’s too late as I’ve spoilt him with my need for neatness so he knows I’d always help find it once he starts breathing and sweating profusely like an assaulted victim. Hian!

  4. Hahahahaha…I guess one needs a locating device in marriage and NaijaHusband…you are IT!!! You guys are the cutest!

  5. Lol.. “You see, who sent you to put it in my purse?” NW for President again and again! Like Gracie said above, please post more often, plsssssssssssssssssssssss! 🙂 xx

  6. LOOOOOL!!!

    NH stop hiding her scarf. You like NW’s hair, right? If she doesn’t wear her scarf to sleep, it’ll start chopping and she’ll look like she lives in a rat-infested bedroom.

  7. I’m very guilty of these…i always asked my ex room mate for everything i couldn’t find.. from my wallet to underwear and everything else in between. initially she help me search or say she didn’t touch my stuff her ,later on she just learnt to ignore me once i started.

  8. NH! NH! NH! You need to change your ways. All these things of hers that you are hiding, remember there is God o!

    NW! I remain loyal.

  9. I really love your blog, but the articles take so much time in between, I know this is your personal experiences and might not churn out as often as fiction, but over time people would get tired of checking the blog for updates, I notice the comments have reduced. Your articles are so insightful and engaging, may God give you the wisdom to be consistent. Or have you moved over to twitter?

  10. Aye aye to NW my kindred….

    Just testing to see if my comment would appear this time…they always disappear and I just stopped bothering resorting to only reading the posts and moving on.

  11. This is hilarious! NH you just painted a scene in my marriage! Me: sweetheart where did you hide my floss? Hubby: where you left it. Hubby: sweetheart where did you hide my phone again? Me: beside your pillow. I guess cos both of us are artists, we misplace things alot so the accusations go both ways, admittedly I have actually hidden his car keys one time and joined him in looking for it, when I was sure he had suffered enough (10 minutes later) I ‘found’ it Lol! Not a very proud moment *wide grin*

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