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Welcome to the musings of a “not so typical” Naija Husband. As you can tell from the pic, there’s a certain image of the typical Nigerian husband out there in our society. I’m working to change that because even though some of it is well deserved, as many Nigerian women might say, my wife’s got the perfect Naija husband. Yes I said it…Perfect.

Read the blog to find out why!


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  1. I just clicked onto this link from Twitter and tried to read the post after seeing the image. But for some strange reason I am unable to find the link that leads me to the rest of the story (maybe its because I’m viewing from my phone?). Anyway, I’m wondering if someone can provide the link in the comment section? Please.

  2. You are a blessed writer….
    An honest and broadminded one too.
    You have a fan here.

  3. Wow! Someone just me the link to this blog today and I’ll av done since is read posts here. Really insightful and educating posts and your sense of humour is off the hook. Keep doing what you do.

  4. Im sad. A friend introduced me to this blog last night and even though I am horribly ill, I haven’t been able to drop my phone and since this has been the highlight of my being confined to my bed I am desperately sad that I have read all the posts. I want mooooore* tears*
    This is by far the best read I’ve had in a while. Keep it up guys. Hopefully you’ll get to counsel my future husband and I when I decide to settle down *wink*

  5. Are we able to follow via Blogger? I’m not able to add you to my feed.

  6. You haven’t posted since April ,2015. That’s over a year now and you left without saying goodbye. 🙁

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