The Television Wars

war There is a war going on in my house. Well…maybe I can’t really call it a war. It may just be some territorial aggression…or as some countries like to call it, a “humanitarian intervention”.  Either way, in this situation, I’m the country being attacked and effectively invaded by a superpower. My wife, of course, is the superpower. This is a war without nuclear bombs, RPGs, mines, or remote controlled drones. No…her tactics are far, far worse than that.

The Last Battle…

Last week I fought a mighty battle. And by “fight” i mean that I put up little to no resistance at all. Here’s how I remember it….

I was on leave from my permanent duty station known as “The Office” and spending the time in a rest place known to locals as “The Sofa”.

The Sofa was isolated and inviting….the perfect oasis for a battle worn soldier like myself. I enjoyed its solitude and sought to spend time discovering the workings of the flat device permanently placed in front of it for the use of soldiers. The technical wonder known as “The Television”.

With it, I could connect to the world and receive news of other husbands, a.k.a. troops stationed out in various homes. I could also be entertained and shut out the stressful world I lived in, even if it was only for a few hours.

That night, I was alone on the sofa, when suddenly things got eerily quiet around me. They say that, in the wilderness, when a predator approaches, all of the smaller animals flee.  Here, there were no animals, but the air was still and heavy…and I was filled with the sudden desire to run.

Then I heard it…

Her footsteps approaching the perimeter outside the sofa.  Each *slap slap* sound of her slippers hitting the floor, spelled out my impending D-O-O-M.  By the time the sounds stopped, it was too late to run, and there was nowhere to take cover. So, like a soldier I decided to face my fate bravely and braced myself so as not to give out any signs of fear.

There she stood. In all her militant glory. The look on her face made it clear that she had come for the television and would not rest until she had control of it.

Her first shot came quickly. She wanted the element of surprise, no doubt.

NH….” she said…”What are you doing?”

It was a warning shot. I’d faced her in battle before and knew her style, so I knew this shot would be quickly followed by many others, depending on my response.

As I prepared to respond, it dawned on me that certain destruction lay before me. So I could either go down without a fight…or remain defiant until the end.

I chose defiance.

I ignored her question.

In the moment of silence, I saw her face tighten and her eyes dilate. My lack of response was the worst thing I could have done to her. She hates to be ignored.

My move tripped her up momentarily, so she hesitated briefly. Then she fired another warning shot.

NH…I said what are you doing?” she asked again.

Still I ignored her. My palms became sweaty and I started to blink nervously. I knew I was a fool to use this tactic. but I was determined to go down in history as the bravest fool there was.

At my second refusal to answer. Her eyes grew even darker and I could see her gears spinning.  She stretched for a bit, paced a few steps then moved into Phase Two of the attack.

She sat next to me.

Phase Two
Phase Two of  Operation “Destroy His TV Watching”

A clever move. She was wearing that perfume. The one that was tantamount to a chemical weapon the way it laid waste to my senses. Temporarily dazed by the scent, I had to slap my knee with the remote to remind myself to regain my senses…and remain strong. Just like they’d taught us in training.

She watched my face. She knew I was trying to resist so she moved in for the kill. She snuggled in closer, burrowing against me…and decided to watch the show with me. I remained still. Even when she wrapped her legs around me. Sweat started to trickle down my forehead. “What’s he doing now?” She asks the question about the main character. A smooth move, but I wasn’t quite sure of the answer, given her distractions. I try to figure it out but suddenly she asks.. “Naijahusband, why are you ignoring me? I asked what he’s doing!” “He’s trying to get the bad person to confess.” I reply. I was obviously just making it up at that point. “But why did he stick a needle in her throat?” She responds, undeterred by my confusion. “I don’t know dear.” Is he a bad guy or good guy?” “He’s neither really…It’s complicated.” She watches for a few more minutes.  No doubt recharging her ammunition. Then she starts back up again. “Is he really her husband? What kind of woman would agree to marry him? Hmmm?” Not thinking this is a rhetorical question, I keep silent again. “Naijahusband, tell me now. What kind of man is that? If it was you would you agree to marry him?” “I’m not a woman dear…so I can’t really say.” “You don’t have to be a woman! Just try and picture it.” “But you know I don’t really like hypotheticals…” Her phone rings and the battle is halted momentarily as she stands up to get the call. She’s back in no time though and when she makes her second entrance, someone on the screen is in a sexually compromising situation. She glances at me with the dirtiest of looks and says: “What is this rubbish you’re watching? Why are all your shows so deviant?” “That scene just came on…I didn’t know they’d do that!”  I replied in a hurry. But I already know my defense was useless, so I change to another program. One with a female star. I figure that should appease her. But she watches the first five minutes, wrinkles her nose and says:She’s not even fine sef. Why do you even watch this show? Do you think she’s fine?” She leaves me no time to respond before her next shot/question. “Really? Really? She’s going to race like that in heels? “Who on earth would actually see danger and run TOWARDS it? Only in Hollywood!” The female star is blocked off by a bunch of terrorists and fights them in hand-to-hand combat. It’s obvious these writers are just determined to give my wife something to rant about because Naijawife’s blood vessels nearly pop. “Fighting 10 men? in skinny jeans? HAHAHA! LIES! That’s why I prefer Nollywood to Hollywood! If these Oyinbo plots were more realistic. She would have at least removed her shoes,wig and earrings before entering a fight! What is this?” I stay silent. Over the next few hours, her attack continued. I was virtually defenseless but even though she knew my state, she did not spare me. Her rapid fire, machine gun style questions came anyway. Relentless and unending. Any questions that didn’t leave heavy shell damage were simply reinforced by nasty glances, sarcastic remarks, side eyes and heavy sighs. Occasionally, I would try to wave the white flag but she would simply crush it into the ground underneath her feet. She didn’t want a simple defeat. She wanted total conquest. Finally, just when I thought I could take no more…she walked off. I dared to hope that she would retire for the night and end this ceaseless battle, but she soon came back into the room quietly.  Any hope I’d had for a reprieve died a sudden death when Naijawife stepped back in front of the TV… All clothes off. As she rotated slowly in front of the television, I could barely make out the words of her next question….probably because the blood was rushing to my ears. I was utterly defeated. I switched the TV off.

I hereby surrender all rights to the television over to my Naijawife





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  1. Witness Avatar

    ‎​​​Нehehehe! NW! Good tactis! While I enjoyed this, I have a bone to pick with you, NH. How could you have been gone so long eh? You don’t know that you have readers waiting? Please don’t be doing like this na!
    But seriously, we need you to be consistent. We need to know that we’ll hear from you every monday or fortnightly as fits your schedule. This will build followership.
    Thank you for this blog. I really do enjoy it.

    1. NaijaHusband Avatar

      We’re grateful to you all for bearing with us patiently. Here’s the short explanation for our delay:
      1) Every single blog post is a labor of love. We don’t release a post until we feel it’s ready/good enough. That means we have a few debates (or “arguments” as my wife would call them) over each post. Sometimes we debate for weeks (especially the posts where Naijawife doesn’t come out on top 🙂 ) and we won’t release anything we haven’t both agreed on and are comfortable with. No matter the length of the post, talking about our marriage is not a task that can be taken lightly, so we have to be very careful.
      2) This thing called earning money eh…
      3) Recent tragic events in Nigeria have called for a more somber mood of reflection.

      Please keep us on your bloglist and, as always, we hope you all will subscribe by email so you can be the first to receive our new posts!

    2. browneyedgirl Avatar

      My thoughts exactly Witness. The intervals of waiting for posts are much too long. If I was subscribed already, I’d have given up since.

  2. Mr Wolf Avatar
    Mr Wolf

    hahaha like they say “all is fair in love and war”

  3. Keji Avatar

    Its been too long.

    Naija wife!!!! smart woman!

  4. smilinggurl Avatar

    Lol… You know what they say; In a game of chess, the Queen Always Wins. NW you did well.

  5. Niro Bertram Avatar

    Hahahahahaha. Why didn’t she just move to the last tactic?

    1. NaijaHusband Avatar

      …she prefers slow torture tactics

  6. beforesheimplodes Avatar

    Lol! Correct! Please like Highlandblue said…blog some more! We cant afford to be missing your posts this way! Thank you!


  7. spacyzuma Avatar


    NaijaHusband, I hail you. You actually resisted for HOURS! That’s amazing. I would have lost myself to anger or lust within 15 minutes.

    “A clever move. She was wearing that perfume. The one that was tantamount to a chemical weapon the way it laid waste to my senses.” – I hate it when these women do that! 🙁

    1. Mui Mui Avatar

      No vex. Some fights are better than using gra-gra!!! 🙂

      You’ll have to cut off your nose to avoid that chemical weapon ooo…

  8. Aibee Avatar

    Once again I say NaijaWife for President! Now that rotating move in front of the TV is definitely one I intend to practice … time to hit the gym!

    We miss you guys here oh. Y’all should blog more often please. God bless and keep your hhome.

  9. imperfectlyperfect92 Avatar

    NW! I hail! Tips taken.

  10. LadyK Avatar

    Lol…an ode to the fallen soldier….very well played NW!

  11. 1 + The One Avatar

    Hahaha.. This got me in stitches! LOL..
    Long live the SuperPower!

  12. favoredwoman Avatar

    lol, well played girl……the battle is not to the swift……

  13. Olamide Avatar

    Hehehehe. Naijawife is so funny. Naijahusband, I miss you guys! Pls don’t stay so long before putting up another post.

  14. baybee Avatar

    😀 I love! hahahaha!

  15. Yetunde Avatar

    LOL! I did not expect that ending! Good job NW

  16. Inthe... Avatar

    @NW: you go girl!
    @NH: if you had jejely released the remote when she first asked what you were watching, you would have saved yourself the drama. Resistance is futile!

    1. EMZ Avatar

      The reward for the resistance was worth it I might add…. lol

  17. Lady ID Avatar

    LOL!!! Welcome back o.

  18. ourstoriesinc Avatar

    Yay, new post!

    LMAO… NW is without a doubt the coolest woman alive.

    Who needs TV with her around? :p

  19. drnsmusings Avatar

    Please keep ’em coming. Naijawife too bad! Actually, the silly questions would have worked on me. I can’t bear explaining movies and hubby knows. The rotating part, sha, I shudder! When d kids come, y’all will have to childproof that house. Winks. Totally approve tho.

  20. Funmie Avatar

    When i saw a new post was up, I was in a rush…. i refused to read o.

    I finished up all my chores(well, more like paused)

    got a glass of water and read every single word….

    I love this blog, its PRACTICAL… its REAL

    All hail NW… I am taking notes 🙂

    NH… see you, ordinary clothes off.. u fell yakata.

    Woman Power… the best of its kind.

  21. H.A.W Avatar

    Lol NW is cray!!!

  22. H.A.W Avatar

    Loool NW is cray!!!

  23. claras corner Avatar

    Lol! This is totally hilarious…really love you guys. As for naija wife….speechless…lol

  24. claras corner Avatar

    Lol! This is hilarious, totally love you guys….as for naijawife…speechless!

  25. CherryWine Avatar

    NW, queen of NH’s heart, long may you reign!!!!!

  26. God's Own Girl Avatar
    God’s Own Girl

    LOL! I totally didn’t see that coming. Naijawife, u’s a good fighter! I should enlist in your battalion.

  27. kz Avatar

    Where have you guys been? i gave up checking for recent posts 2 weeks ago.
    Naija wife is a correct babe

  28. atoskin Avatar

    NW’S head is there, correct wife!

  29. dolly pee Avatar
    dolly pee

    U guyz kept ma fingers crossed 4 2 long, bin a loooonnnng break, @NH fanx 4 d useful notes*wink

  30. Ekene Avatar

    OMG. You were brave soldier, but alas it happens to the best of us

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  32. TLG Avatar

    Hahaha I am learning a lot from NW.

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  34. Zinny Avatar

    Hilarious. Love the wife…way to win your battles

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  36. I Renette Avatar
    I Renette

    Lolololol! Ah, this was a great read!

  37. Tony Avatar


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