You Might Not Be Superman…

As usual, it had been a long day.

So I did what I always do after a long day….watch mindless television shows.

NaijaHusband wasn’t home so I sprawled out luxuriously on the settee, fitting my body into the grooves he’d worked so hard on molding perfectly to his shape when he watches his favorite shows.

The program I’d selected was a good one and within no time I was held captive by its plot.  Soon, the episode reached an exciting climax, with the heroine about to drive off a perilous cliff.  I drew closer to the edge of the settee in anticipation as her car zoomed towards the precipice.  Her hands were tied to the wheel and the brakes had been cut.  With no hope in sight, she screamed the name of the hero in one last desperate attempt to escape.

Suddenly, BOOM! like a lightning flash, he appeared out of the sky, right in front of the out of control vehicle.  He smashed his hands into the car lights, stopping its motion instantly. Without even breaking a sweat, the hero glanced at her quietly then, just as quickly as he had appeared, vanished…out into the night air.

“NOW THAT IS A MAN!!!” I yelled as I jumped out of my seat after the powerful scene was over. Kai! What power! What manliness! Just like that. Boom! Straight out of the sky the very second she called his name, saving her from a sure death.

“OOOOOOH GOD. WHY HAVEN”T YOU MADE MORE MEN LIKE THIS?” I shouted, before I looked guiltily around me. It was silly really. No one was home but me, yet I knew I’d uttered words I wouldn’t have said in NH’s presence.

I rewound the scene over and over on my computer until NaijaHusband came home.

When he kissed me, I was probably a little distant, still wrapped up in the intensity of it all.

Oh it’s just him.” I thought. “Nothing like that super hero. Just my standard, typical hubby.

So I ran off to the shower, leaving him in the sitting room. It was late and I needed to sleep.  My heart was still racing from the excitement of the show and a nice long bath would “cool” me down.

Stepping into the shower, I reached for the sponge hanging on the heavy, metal caddy on the wall….when suddenly it all came crashing down….

Missing my head by an inch.

The fragile containers that once sat securely on the caddy burst open once they reached the hard porcelain surface of the tub, leaking around my feet.  My beloved Clarisonic lay in pieces, joining the shampoo, soap, razor blades and sponges in a gooey mess on the bottom of the tub.

I’d narrowly missed a concussion but all I could think was, *Sigh* I bet if that man from the show had been here, he’d have stopped it all from falling in mid-air. Meanwhile my own husband didn’t even notice. Ty-Pi-Cal….

But I’d barely thought the last few words when the shower curtain was ripped aside.

NaijaHusband stood there. How he got there that fast I’ll never know, but the force with which he threw the curtain open had frightened me….so I stood there frozen.

He looked at me quietly for a moment, then asked:  “What’s the matter? I heard something falling…are you okay?

I just looked at him. Still frozen.

He looked down and, when he saw the shattered, broken items around me, his eyes grew wide.

Are you hurt?” he asked as he knelt to pick up each item, one by one, not minding that the still running shower was soaking his clothes.

Still I kept quiet.

He finished picking up each item, placed them by the sink, held me briefly, then said “Just call me if you need anything” and began to exit.

Finally, I found my voice.

NaijaHusband?” I asked.

Yes dear?” as he stopped by the door.

You’re my hero. You know that right?”

Mystified, he just looked at me. I looked back at him. Stars in my eyes.

I mean…you might not be Superman, but you’re real…and you’re definitely my hero.”

He smiled, then left.


Happy Valentine's Day from NaijaCouple!

Happy Valentine’s Day from NaijaCouple!


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  1. I haven’t been here in a very long time and I regret it. This is so apt! Just what I need for my fiancé.

    Thank you Naija Husband and Naija Wife. May God bless your union and cause you to flourish on every side.


  2. Chai God how this people take dey tempt me like this. * I will stand my ground, (˘̯˘ )

    Happy vals day to you guys too.

  3. Lovely! May your union shine brighter and brighter everyday. Thankful for the ‘Superman’ moments that put things in perspective and help us truly appreciate the dear ones we are often tempted to take for granted.

  4. I’m as hardened as they come but this post brought tears to my eyes…God will give you many many more Stars in Your Eyes/Superman/Superwoman moments.

  5. I came here hoping to see an update on naijahusband, and I was not disappointed. You guys rock, can you do daily articles? pwetty please???? I’m sure I wont be the only one delighted to see that. Happy valentine naijahusband and wife.

  6. Awwwwww. How I love this post. God bless and keep you. *ehen now that we have seen the legs, I know say we go soon see d face, soon… Very soon… Very very soon…*

  7. Sometimes this is what we think men should do
    Scene 1: NH flies into the bathroom with super speed just as items fall. Saving the bottles et al from breaking.

    But, that would be creepy and unrealistic, right?

    Dude comes after we have complained and compared yet he acts kindly. *sigh*
    Lesson: Real love is NOT always like a movie.
    Bless you both.

  8. Awww, how sweet. When things go wrong in the house (light bulb, burning wire, etc), I’m soooo thankful for Cakes! Not so much when he burns my yellow pots and pans :p (half kidding)

    Happy Belated Valentines!

  9. I think I might be the only one who knows the show you’re talking about: DOOO MINNN JOONN!! Korean dramas for the win, lol!! Happy Valentine’s day 🙂

  10. Awww I love nh and nw so much. U guys make marriage easy like cake. I admire u guys alot. God bless

  11. Awwwwwww, this is so so sweet. You guys make me wanna get married lyk ryt now. God bless your home and like smilinggurl said, it’s hard not to love you guys..

  12. #sigh
    i’m such a hopeful romantic…
    this is super sweet. sometimes, we tend to take what we have for granted!!!

    bless your heart NW 🙂

  13. This place always makes my heart warm. I Love both of you so much though Una no get my time again. :'( May I find Love just like yours.. Amen!

  14. You watch Korean shows!!!!! You’re way cooler than I thought. My love from the star was amazing and that scene was one of the highlights.

  15. NC (Naija Couple), I dunno why I haven’t visited your blog in a while?! Chai! This post was funny. My hubby is asking me why I’m laughing. NW you know you’re cheesy right?! But I love it! x

  16. I just have one question! NW were you watching a Korean drama called “my love from the star/you who came from the stars”? It sounds so much like it!

    Great post! :

  17. Aww yaay NH watches Korean dramas…me too:) nice to see more people into them. That was ‘You from Another Star’ right?

  18. Aww, how lovely :). I find it cool you remembered to appreciate him, cos it makes him want to be an even better man.

  19. Lol I screamed too at that scene when he stopped the car from falling off the cliff. But to be honest, I’m not a cheong songyi so I don’t want a Do min Joon. I’m happy with a very normal loving man.

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