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  • In Sickness

    In Sickness

    Sunday Afternoon. NaijaHusband is reclined on the sofa. His eyes are glazed over, and his mouth is slightly ajar as he watches the figures on the television screen moving around frantically with their fast cars and even faster dialogue. I speak to him. He does not answer.  I repeat myself but only the television responds,…

  • Bathroom Beef Ko, Toilet Beef Ni

    Bathroom Beef Ko, Toilet Beef Ni

    This is Naijawife’s Rebuttal piece to Bathroom Beef written by Naija Husband! When I was a little girl, if my siblings annoyed me and I went to report them to my parents, they would allow me to rant and rave for a few minutes and then they would ask “So what did you yourself do to…

  • To kneel or not to kneel

    To kneel or not to kneel

    Years before we got married, whenever we attended a wedding together, the wife would always make it a point to huff, puff and almost roll her eyes out of her head whenever the bride knelt down for her husband. In Yoruba traditional engagement ceremonies, you’ll often find brides kneeling to place a cap on their…

  • The Modern Naija Husband

    The Modern Naija Husband

    What is the modern Naija husband like? My wife asked what I thought and I responded with just one characteristic. He likes to eat? Seeing the look on my wife’s face, I could tell I got it wrong. So I asked my wife what she thought the list should be, and a few hours later,…

  • The Stereotypical Nigerian Husband

    The Stereotypical Nigerian Husband

    Such is our image in the media. Hopefully my blog will work to dispel the negative perspective on husbands…and possibly inspire those on “whom the shoe fits” to change. Welcome to Naija Husband!