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  1. I was sad for few seconds, please don’t say goodbye. We love the blog.

    Can’t wait for the new posts.

    • Yayyyy! I knew I was right not to give up! Singing ‘Welcome back! – Ma$e’

  2. Oh my!
    When I saw this notification on my mail, I was like, ” holl’up, did i just see a mail from Naijahusband?”
    Cheers to new things!
    we’ve missed you guys!

  3. Since that we have been waiting for you, you now want to make us afraid by “saying goodbye”? Warn yourself oh.

  4. Ah!!! Finally!!! Been checking and checking! Thank God you’re not saying goodbye 🙂

  5. I missed you so much! At some point I came on here to read your old posts wondering how you and NW are… looking forward to your posts! You’re awesome!

  6. It’s been too long and we’re lost without you, what are we going to do? Daddy we’re missing you (and mummy). But this one has been since one month na. Please bless us again

  7. I’m finding it very hard to forgive you. The wait has been too long. I’ve been refreshing for years, I just checked back randomly today. Thank God you’re back. I was so scared there has been some sort of tragedy. Please don’t do this to us your readers again or at least warn us please. Na beg I dey beg. On a lighter not, thank you for coming back 🙂

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