Even Lovers Need a Holiday

So we’re taking one.

While we grab a much needed break, we ask you to stroll down memory lane with us…ah wait, I forgot to mention that it’s our blog anniversary. This month marks one whole year of blogging about our marital mishaps.

Thank you for laughing and growing with us. Thank you for commenting and sharing your own stories about your spouses and significant others. Thank you for supporting and cheering us on over the last year.

While we sort through our backlog on #AskNaijaCouple emails, please take a peek at some of our posts from Day One, then tell us your favourite (and why!).

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  1. Congratulations on this anniversary. Have fun in your vacation. Please come back with lots of Erotic tips. Cheers!

  2. Enjoy your break!! Thank you for a year filled with laughter and pieces to reflect on.

  3. A whole year? Wow. Happy anniversary. I’m single and still very new to this forum but that last post I read tells me how much this blog rocks.

  4. Hi NH and NW looovely blog…all the way from Kenya it always so awesome to see people happily married.Lovely delivery and prose.I looove.My best blog post is when you are married to a woman with natural hair…Hilarious.What happened to the blog post “Too much book”?

  5. I love love “a letter to an ex”. It showed where both of you were coming from and also the individual growth in both your lives that groomed you to work together as one. And I love the blog’s new look.

    You guys really rock and your blog just makes me want to get married (but not anytime soon sha). This is a blog that the future hubby, whoever he is will definitely come and learn from. I hope you still stick around. God bless you guys and happy anniversary.


  6. Congrats on ur anniversary!! My fav blog post is too much book! Buh you didn’t mention it above!! It was not only hilarious buh enlightening too!! I also love injury upon injury!

  7. When ur married to a woman with natural hair is my all time favourite. You guys re great.

  8. Happy Anniversary! it has been a pleasure reading each and every one of your posts. Do have a lovely vacation.

  9. Like seriously? You pipo want somebody to pick one post? Which kain exam? Ok. My favourite post is the one that will be written when you return from your well deserved break. Congrats on your blog anniversary.

    Ps: The title of this post read (in my head): Even Lovers Need a Holiday From Each Other. Don’t ask me where that part came from. Love you both much. Have fun.

  10. Aww, Happy Anniversary you two and thanks so much for this blog! It truly brightens my spirit and brings joy every time the “new post” email is received lol.

    My fave post is a tie between You Might Not be Superman and In Sickness, mostly because they were true examples to the fundamental ideals a marriage/relationship should be based upon and how relatable they were to any Naija couple. Many thanks

  11. Tough choice but I’ll definitely go for letter to my ex. It’s simply breath taking and hope giving all at once. Definitely speaks to my current moment. Thank you. And please come back soon. Happy Anniversary! Much love.

  12. Enjoy your vacation, and congratulations on the one year blog anniversary. I really enjoyed In Sickness, Letter to my ex, When you are married to a woman with natural hair made me laugh. All your posts are great it is hard to pick a favourite. God’s blessings in abundance to the two of you. Come back with naija baby when you return.

  13. Congrats and happy blog anniversary.
    Its a bit hard choosing just one post as favourite o….
    So I’ll pick bathroom beef,but I have other favourites.
    Enjoy your vacay.

  14. I totally ove most of your post but my favorite is “A Letter to my Ex”. That is quite a piece. Enjoy your vacation!

  15. Happy anniversary NH and NW. Hope we won’t wait too long for the next post. My best is bathroom beef. Also a letter to my ex was breath taking. Please keep being an inspiration to us singles that marriage can truly be great. All the best. Love u guys

  16. ‘Letter to my ex’ was my best piece, I’m eagerly waiting for the next article, sure it will havestories from the vacation.

    • This is no longer a vaction o, its more like a relocation, and maybe to Mars where they don’t have wifi. lol.

  17. Kilode?Naija Husband and wife. What na,this holiday is taking tooooo long o. Or Does this mean we would get 12 posts @once when you come back?

  18. Naija husband/wife, honeymoon haff do nau. Pls come back, I have been refreshing this page for ages only to be disappointed each time πŸ™
    Much love xx

  19. I just stumbled across this blog…and i have read all the 2013 posts. I hope i won’t be addicted to your blog!

    I’ve learnt a few things from both of you. Love this blog!

  20. See me excited when I saw th notification. I thought it was a new post. Its been years indeed. I guess they got overwhelmed with life. I hope the years have been kind to them.

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