You Know Its Love When

Another joyful thing about marriage is the way your concept of love changes from when you were dating.  Gone are the definitions of love according to the initial rush and the “butterfly feelings.” Instead, love becomes something much more real and you start to definite it with something more concrete. So we’ve started a series of shorts inspired by our experiences, called “You know It’s Love When…”



You piss her off. Really piss her off. So much so that she goes to bed angry…then she wakes up in the morning and makes you breakfast in bed.



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  1. You know it’s love when you are angry, you are really angry at him you choose to sleep on the living room couch and he jejely packs a blanket and pillow from the room and sleeps on the floor right in the living room with you. How can you wake up still angry at that man?

  2. Chai! You both make marriage sound so exciting. NH, you should continue to pray for NW o. One morning you’ll be left in bed with no breakfast, lol! 😛

  3. awwwn so true. you know its love when he pisses u off so much but u still miss him when he is not there.

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