Things NaijaHusband Says – Episode 2: Jammed

One of the many joys of marriage is that you begin to see funny patterns in the various conversations you have with your spouse. Welcome to Episode 2 of the Things NaijaHusband Says Series! Inspired by the Things Guys Don’t Say and Things Black Girls Say memes.

Episode 2: JAMMED

7 am

NaijaWife: *Kisses NaijaHusband* “How’s your day looking today? Can we have dinner together?”

NaijaHusband: *Frantically rushing off* “Yes…unless I get jammed at work.”

NaijaWife: *Optimistically* “Oh …but make an effort to ok?”

NaijaHusband: “Right. Love you. Bye.”







12 noon

NaijaWife: *Calling Naijahusband at work* “Hey sweetie! How’s your day going?”

NaijaHusband: “Darling I’m sorry… can’t really chat. I’m pretty jammed.”

NaijaWife: *Slightly Disappointed* “Oh no worries! I understand. Talk to you – – -”

NaijaHusband: *Click*

NaijaWife: *stares at phone*


Three Hours Later.thumb_COLOURBOX5525794

NaijaWife: *Whatsapps NH* “Hiya! Just wanted to wish you strength today at work. Hope things are clearing up?

No Answer

NaijaHusband’s Whatsapp: *Last seen today at 9:00am*  Status: “JAMMED”


8 p.m.

NaijaWife: *Texts him* “Darling did you see my Whatsapp? You coming home soon?

No Answer

10 p.m.

NaijaWife: *Calls Naijahusband at work* “Hey sweetie! Did you see my text? Guess what I’m wearing? That blue – – -”

NaijaHusband: “Sorry babe.  Still jammed.”


11 p.m.

NaijaWife: *Removes negligee. Changes to pajamas. Puts away dishes. Blows out candles. Heads to Bed.

5 minutes later

NaijaHusband: *Walks in* NW are you still up?…Are you mad at me?”

NaijaWife: *Silent* pretending to be asleep*

NaijaHusband: “Honey did you hear me? Don’t be mad please…I told you I’d be jammed all day…”

NaijaWife: *Still pretending to be asleep. Snores for emphasis*

NaijaHusband: *Slips hand under the covers…makes an attempt*

NaijaWife: *Refuses to budge*

NaijaHusband: *Makes another attempt*

NaijaWife: *Holds her ground*

NaijaHusband: *Gives up. Slides into bed. Finds note on pillow*

“Sleep has jammed me. Wish it had been you instead. See you tomorrow.”

Couples don’t get it right all the time!

Look out for more episodes of Things NaijaWife Says and Things NaijaHusband Says!


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  1. LMAO at “Sleep has jammed me. Wish it had been you”

    But it wasn’t his fault now. Should he suffer for what was beyond him?

  2. Heheheeee! This sounds so familiar! NW sweetie, don’t be vexing you hear? Try and bear with him. NH, I trust you to make it up to her always, preferably those 5 servings in one session. Halleluyah!

  3. Things Naija Husband Says and Naija Wife’s notes all in one post lol. I feel like we just got a discount today.

    Slain @ the note tho. Too funny.

  4. Sometimes ladies have to also understand that the men don’t go to work to drink coffee and cross their legs… Well except they work in advertising agencies.

    Thanks for sharing

  5. This is what Valentines Day looked like (and will now almost always certainly look like) for me…

    Berry: Hey you…
    Cakes: Babe, I’ll see you later (assuming he didn’t spend the night baking and decorating)

    10/11pm is probably when we’ll start our own V-Day celebration. OR, he’ll be too tired, and February 15th will become V-Day for us!

    PS – You guys take waaaaaaaaay too long between posts. Can I suggest topics?

    E.g. DATE NIGHT or DAY!!! What do NH and NW get up to for their dates? Weekly? Biweekly? Monthly? I’m almost sure it’s every other day if you leave it up to NW :p

  6. “Couples don’t get it right all the time.”

    Thank you. For that truth. Too many couples pretending to be perfect.

  7. great post. keep up with the transparency. Ditto what @berry said, can we suggest posts? Guess it will depend on your experience with the topic

  8. I’m wondering who you think didn’t get it right, was it NH or NW? Being jammed at work happens so why would naija wife be angry?

  9. Totally relatable.Only difference is that I wait up feeling sorry for him most of the time.

  10. Naija Husband!!!! I am a new fan and I have read all the posts already..please please please try and post more often?? Of course I understand that you are a busy man but it would be greatttt. NW is hilariousssss, pele oo

  11. “Sleep has jammed me…” Hahaha this is absolutely fantastic! Of course, it’s only cute when husband and wife love each other very much (like you two), otherwise it becomes annoying and in my case, I totally ignore all sticky notes in the house! Lovely 😀

  12. Loooooooooooool @ “Sleep has jammed me”. I can soo see myself doing that. I always use people’s words back at them especially when I’m vexed. Y’all are too cute!

  13. LOOOOOOOLLLL, I bet you can un-jam her with one or two pieces from If that does not un-jam her, Naija Husband, O.Y.O is your case!

  14. I don die ooo… too funny!
    This is pure comedy, definitely useful for a television program!

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