Things NaijaWife Says – Episode 1: What are you doing?

I’ve realized that one of the joys of marriage is that you begin to see patterns in the various conversations you have with your spouse. Welcome to Episode 1 of Things NaijaWife Says Series! Inspired by Things Black Girls Say.

Episode 1: What are you doing?

NaijaHusband: *Typing away on laptop*

NaijaWife: “What are you doing?”

NaijaHusband: “Just browsing on the internet…”

NaijaWife: “Oh K”

5 minutes later.

NaijaHusband: *Coughs and scratches head*

NaijaHusband scratches like Obama!

NaijaWife: “What are you doing?”

NaijaHusband:  “Nothing…I just needed to scratch my head.”

NaijaWife: “Oh K”

3 minutes later

NaijaHusband: *adjusts slightly in seat*

NaijaWife: “You ok? What are you doing?”

NaijaHusband: “Naijawife I am fine.”

NaijaWife: “Oh K”

1 minute later

NaijaHusband: *stands up*

NaijaWife: “Where are you going?”

Getting up

NaijaHusband: “Sigh….Just going to the bathroom.”

NaijaWife: “Oh K”

10 seconds later. Naijawife knocks on the bathroom door

NaijaHusband: *While on the loo* “Yes?”

NaijaWife: “What you up to?”

NaijaHusband:  “NOTHING!!!!”

NaijaWife: “Na fight? You act like I’m annoying you or something…!”

Look out for more episodes of Things Naija Wife Says and Things Naija Husband Says!



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  1. Lmmmaooooo…human ‘beans’ if she doesnt ask now, u pple will say she’s not caring enough!how can you be doing ‘Nothing’ in the looo? Na cool spot? Hien!
    Lol….u both are tooo cute!

    • Given the tone of all the comments on this post. I see I am outnumbered. For the sake of argument, I will accept your explanations that she simply wants to show she cares.


  2. We just love checking on you ni…

    Someone used to call me ‘amoranbinioyo’ – a Yoruba phrase meaning ‘one who knows the answer and yet keep asking the question’

    (And how could you really be doing nothing in the loo?)

    This just came in time for my lunch break…so funny


    NaijaHusband, this reminds me of the Coupling episode ‘The End of the Line'(season 2 episode 9) where Susan kept asking Steve ‘where are you going?’ aaalllll the time.
    Steve said it was like she had set up a paranoid motion-sensor. LWKMD!!

  4. LMAO. This is me and I sense the ‘disgust’ all the time. I just can’t stop asking him all the different forms of ‘Are you okay?’.

    This is just a case of us treating people how we’d love to be treated. You guys need to understand that we crave attentions and naturally assume that you’d appreciate it in same measure.

    • The funny thing is…if I even speak to Naijawife before the clock strikes 12 noon, she will rip my head off. Talkless of asking “what are you doing?” or “how are you doing?” . Naijawife does not crave attention in the morning…but come nighttime sha….

  5. Okay so am a girl and that sure will annoy the heck outta me , ewo no ibeere lemolemo. I must say tho ur writtings are fantastic! Kudos

  6. Oh well,we just care too much. Of course we knw its annoying you but we can’t help having ur bac all the tym.

  7. Lol!! Absolutely hilarious but oh so familiar!! I actually do this with hubby all the time, so it’s quite normal 😀 shows we care!!!

  8. Yup. That’s me alright. Why do we do it? No idea. Never really thought about it. And yes, it drives the hubby insane lol!!!

    • Actually I go a step further and ask – “what are you thinking?” That’s the one that really gets under his skin. You’d think that after 8 years I should know better.

  9. I think in my case I do the monitoring. She’s not upset about it unless I push it too far. Yes I ask what she’s thinking too a lot, no answers from her so far

  10. Wow! I know this is an old post but NW sounds sooooooooo much like my wife! LOL, and to think I always tell her to stop harassing me. So all wives are like this? O ga o!

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