My wife is just like Voltron


This is my wife’s nightly routine when she gets ready for bed.

Ready to form ‘SLEEP’-TRON!

Face cream ON!

Eyemask UP!


Bedside Lamps are GO!

Hairnet ON!

Bedside Fan ACTIVATE!

Place feet and legs!

Place arms and body!

and she’ll lay THE Head!

…..My people, this is what I deal with every night. I just observe quietly in laughter as I’m afraid she’ll draw out the Voltron sword if I dare to interrupt.  As a man I literally just drop into bed. Most times still fully clothed. She’s lucky if I even brush my teeth.





14 responses to “My wife is just like Voltron”

  1. Myne Whitman Avatar

    You better brush your teeth or there’s no nookie, LOL… welcome to blogging. I’d like to feature you on one of these days. Contact me 🙂

  2. HoneyDame Avatar

    hahahahahah…You just gotta love the life of a woman, sometimes. Maybe I need to take more notes of these things…Amean, once I get the makeup off my face as well as all jewellery items, I am good to go!

  3. 1 + The One Avatar

    I think this should earn your wife more respect.. A woman’s job… hectic!

    1. naijahusband Avatar

      Agreed. I’m very careful how I talk to her about her elaborate hairstyles now that I understand what it takes to maintain them at night

  4. morati Avatar

    i cant stop laughing as i go through your blog… fresh air really… i love it…

    1. naijahusband Avatar

      Welcome and Thank you! Only started 2 weeks ago so just getting my bearings. I hope to stay fresh and real as it goes along.

      1. morati Avatar

        will be reading along..

      2. morati Avatar

        i want to hear you comment on the topic that i re-blogged…. the one about Zanuf and Mugabe if you looked at my home page….

  5. En Avatar

    How did I just discover this blog? love it!

    1. Naija Husband Avatar

      Welcome Eni! glad you enjoy it. Look for us on twitter too! @naijahusband and @naijawife

  6. LagosMum Avatar

    Ahh. I thought it was just LagosDad that falls into bed fully clothed! And we also just argued about him brushing his teeth!

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  8. Timiebix Avatar

    I’m guilty of this and it wasn’t until I had a friend over and she mentioned it that I realised :p

  9. Nessa Avatar

    I am back for the voltron video …

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