International Oyinbo Dad

The Original Housewife

The Original Housewife

Naija Wife and I were discussing whether to buy a ready made cupboard…or have one built, and the following conversation ensued.

NaijaWife: “Let’s avoid the wahala. Buy a readymade set.”

NaijaHusband: “But I don’t want to be one of those couples that just pays people to do everything for us.”

Naijawife: “…. So you don’t want to be a typical Nigerian man?”

Naijahusband: “NO! I want to be one of those international oyinbo dads…the kind who, you know…build things with their bare hands!”

Naijawife: “Good luck to you. Perhaps we should find you a lawn to mow somewhere.”

1950's housewife

1950’s housewife…is not my wife

Not sure where I got the idea that a good husband builds things and mows lawns, given that my father did no such thing during my childhood. It’s probably just the effect of all the western TV we watched growing up. Those TV shows that showed women wearing aprons and cooking in heels with full skirts, while the men drank cognacs by the fireplace after eating a hearty cooked meal.  It struck me as the ideal life for a man.

I’m all grown up now, and properly married…but my wife doesn’t wear skirts or aprons…or heels for that matter.  I’ve never had a cognac either.  So much for that fantasy.










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  1. LMAOOOOO!!! Yo u can have it both ways na! Ikea products are quite easy to build, yet, are ready made. Try getting some of those. So that at the end of the day, you get your intl-dad-badge on and she gets her sturdy furniture too…Everyone is happy.

  2. Oshe Bob the builder! Hehehehe, I like building things and I must say a man has to have some sort of DIY skills or e go hard small.

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