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  • That Will Never Happen To Us

    That Will Never Happen To Us

      “Never say never.” But we’ve all said it anyway. Before we married, we had a number of things that we imagined would never happen to us. Things we wrongly assumed only happened to careless people, or to people who couldn’t be bothered to take necessary prevention measures such as obsessively repeating: “Tufiakwa!” “It is…

  • Pre-Engagement Counseling

    Pre-Engagement Counseling

    That’s right, I said Pre-Engagement Counseling. Not  pre-marital counseling. Why? Well… Given the stats of divorce….we’d be foolish not to.  It was either that or we sign a pre-nup (so funny how we actually discussed such. Don’t know what that woman was thinking when she asked if I’d sign one. As if we have two…