Dear Readers

My wife and I are very grateful

My wife and I are very grateful

When we started the NaijaHusband blog, we did it for kicks and didn’t think anyone would read. But little by little, you came around, stopped by and showed us your support.

So we’re taking a quick break from our regular posting schedule to say THANK YOU! You didn’t have to stop by, but you did. You didn’t have to leave a comment, but you did. May God replenish the minutes you spent on our site triple-fold and may your Ogas never catch you while you procrastinate on our site. Amen.

Now that we think we’ve got your attention, we’d also like to make a shameless plug (Naijawife’s idea of course).

We know we’re new, but we’re dreaming big….so please nominate us for a Nigerian blog award!   You can nominate us here:

We’re running for

  • 14. Best New Blog

While you’re out there nominating us, check out all the brilliant blogs that are out there as well!

Shameless plug over. Now it’s time for some housekeeping.  The wife and I are very new to blogworld and have been pondering ways to make the blog more interactive and user friendly. From our twitter and email accounts, we’ve noticed a lot of relationship questions coming our way. We’re not relationship gurus, and are still very new at this marriage thing, but we are always willing to share some of our real life stores, in the hopes that we’ll either 1) find out we’re not alone and 2) help you find out you’re not alone too.

We are not professionals...we're not even very smart...but that didn't stop Steve Harvey so we won't let it stop us!

We are not professionals…we’re not even very smart…but that didn’t stop Steve Harvey so we won’t let it stop us!

So watch this space! We’re going to add a box called “AskNaijaCouple” that one of our favorite ‘tweeps’ Single Nigerian came up with for us.  We’ll use it to answer any questions you might have such as:

1) Are you guys a real life couple?  – Yes we are. Real couple. Real Blog. Real tweets!

2) Why do you blog anonymously? – Well, if you had a post like “Too Much Book” floating around the blogosphere, you’d be anonymous too!

In the meantime, please feel free to contact us or DM us on twitter with your more personal questions.



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  1. It’s always a pleasure stopping by. Ps. I like that you two are anonymous. The mystery is in itself very exciting. Thumbs up!

  2. Just discovered your blog and I love it! i started with the article about your wife’s hair journey and couldn’t leave this blog. And i appreciate you guys staying anonymous.

  3. Just got to know about this blog yesterday and I SO LOVE ITTTTTTTT…

    First read was on the wife’s hair adventure and ive read all other articles. Im so enjoying this journey.

    NH & NW, please keep this up. Im super excited my friend shared this with me.

    I also love the anonymous status (hoping it changes sometime in the future though)!

  4. ahn ahn where is the “too many books” post na 😀 Honestly, I have spent the better part of the day reading your posts. Love the humour. Love the truths. Love the inspiration. God bless your marriage always

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